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Elegantly wild. Wildly awarded.


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THE SPIRIT OF GREAT BARRIER ISLAND now 100% fully solar powered

Island Gin is crafted off the grid on remote Great Barrier Island, New Zealand one of the southern hemisphere’s best kept secrets. We are so proud to now be fully powered by the sun. This means everything we do, from distilling to bottling is made with the suns mighty power. Copper pot distilled, it blends organically certified Macedonian juniper with locally harvested manuka bush honey and six unique botanicals. Its unique Kina - inspired bottle is made of reclaimed glass.  

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Island Gin Universe

sustainably Reclaimed New Zealand MADE glass BOTTLEs

After a three year development journey with our friends at Visy Glass New Zealand, we are proud to present a recycled glass bottle made from reclaimed glass sourced from across NZ including Great Barrier Island itself. 

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MEDLANDS BEACH - Great Barrier Island an "off grid" uniquely protected paradise

Medlands is the name of the beach on the east coast of Great Barrier Island, where I first accidentally discovered our little bach (the kiwi word for holiday shack). It is where I would spend a lot of time under a beach cabana, perfecting my cocktails, and ultimately where I developed my own gin recipe, after hours of experimenting on my small alembic copper pot still In the tiny kitchen of our little bach.


Setting up an off grid Distillery has been a huge, but fun filled challenge. It's now home to a lovely, small, bespoke copper pot column still. Our 100% Solar powered bottling machine filters our already triple filtered rain-harvested water, which comes across in icy blasts from the Pacific Ocean. Next stop Chile!

We are excited to now offer small group tastings at our distillery during Summer.(6 people maximum please) Currently closed due to high production demand.

Bookings are essential.

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"Initially I was only focused on distilling my own gin. As I began working on making this a reality, I started to look at the whole packaging process. I could buy a generic bottle off the shelf from a supplier in Europe, which is what the majority of distillers do." - Andi

Great Barrier Island is a precious, pristine environment, with 68% owned and protected by The Department of Conservation. 

It didn’t sit well with Andi, buying a manufactured bottle from half way around the world, that would take many months to arrive. It was not a good environmental choice.

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