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$ 180 NZD
The Island Gin Squeezer.

The Island Gin Squeezer emerges as a reimagined classic from last-century Kiwi citrus squeezers, a testament to timeless design. This handheld juicer carries a contemporary touch, echoing the iconic Kina shell featured on our Island Gin Bottle. Re-designed in New Zealand and handmade with precision and passion in Australia, each squeezer is hand-poured, polished, and assembled with meticulous care. This aluminium masterpiece channels artisanal excellence, reminiscent of an era when durability was paramount. Its time-honoured juice extraction design, boasting internal ridges that securely hold fruits in place, paired with the latest design update featuring the crucial pourer, guarantees a mess-free juicing experience while effortlessly extracting every drop of citrus goodness.
The Island Gin Squeezer—a perfect cocktail of historic Kiwi kitchen heritage and unparalleled functionality.

Care Instructions. 

Your Island Gin squeezer will develop a beautiful patina over time. To keep it in pristine condition, we recommend washing it with warm water only. Avoid using dish detergent and refrain from placing the squeezer in the dishwasher. Enjoy the natural ageing process of your squeezer, adding character to its enduring design.
Designed in New Zealand.
Handmade in Australia.
Destined to become an heirloom.
Material - Recycled NZ Aluminium