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Otago Cherry Island Gin. Experimental. $110 ABV 38% LOW STOCK

Sale price$ 110.00 NZD

Crafting our Limited Editions is no small task — it’s a meticulous process that we approach with utmost dedication. Picture this: hand pitted ,fresh Central Otago Cherries diving into our spirit. Our maceration spans a leisurely month, allowing the flavours to develop. This is a sour cherry gin (not sweet) So if you're a sweet tooth this is not what you are expecting.

The gin cocktail "Cherry Gin Sour" has been made with our Cherry Gin, lime juice, Creme de Mure ,sugar syrup and egg white.

We love it in a Classic gin sour. A delicate pink hue and a delicious hint of cherry elevates the humble sour into a bar worthy cocktail.

60 ml Otago Cherry Island Gin

30 ml fresh lime juice (or store bought)

15 ml Sugar syrup (we used agave syrup)

1 egg white (or chickpea juice if you are allergic to eggs*)

Dry shake well (no ice) then, wet shake (with a cube or 2 of ice). Strain into your favourite glass.

If you don't have a shaker, a jam jar with a lid will work just as well.

Special Gift Option: Handwritten Message!
As always we offer a unique touch – we can handwrite a message on your behalf. Simply include your desired message in the order notes during checkout, and we'll ensure it's beautifully written on a card accompanying your bottle.

This delicious gin will be released to the general public via Instagram Monday 4th March - if there are any remaining! Only a limited amount has been bottled this year. Once they are gone, that's it until 2025.

* if you use chickpea juice _ please use the salt free version and you'll really need to shake it !!! at least for a good 60 seconds.

Cherry Limited Release Island Gin - New Zealand - Award Winning
Otago Cherry Island Gin. Experimental. $110 ABV 38% LOW STOCK Sale price$ 110.00 NZD