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“For nearly 20  years I’ve spent long dreamy summers on Great Barrier Island in a modest beach shack with 2 solar panels and a 12 volt battery.  It was there in my tiny kitchen I started playing around with mixing G&T’s using lemons foraged from a tree I once stumbled across on a bush walk which I later found was said to seeded from an early shipwreck.  With time on my hands, I ventured further and began experimenting on a small alembic copper pot still with other local ingredients. 

After many trials with the aid of willing tasters, who nicknamed me ‘Madame Distiller’, I settled on a blend of Great Barrier Manuka and bush island honey as the key note and this is the profile signature of the first original Island Gin.

I like to think of it as the spirit of Great Barrier Island, made by hand,  by nature and by a community like no other”.


Andi Ross 

Madame Distiller