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Lime gin liqueur - 2nd release ( limited stock )

Sale price$100.00 AUD

Happy World Gin Day. While our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are toasting with G&T's in the warmth of late spring, here in New Zealand, we're embracing the zest of life in our citrus season as we cozy up for winter.

We're excited to introduce our 2nd release of our new limited edition Island Gin Lime Liqueur, at a lower 31.6 % ABV than our first release,  its a perfect blend of vibrant zest from local Great Barrier limes combined with the sweetness of Manuka bush honey, pollinated by the same bees that buzzed around this citrus.

This lime gin liqueur has a lower strength than our 1st release. We love working with the different fruits that are available on Great Barrier Island. This second variation was created in a slightly alternate way where we let then peels and the water and spirit macaerate together. In our 1st release the peels were macerated in the spirit only for a number of days before added other components.

Each lime is peeled with love and attention to collect the punchy zesty profile. These peels are then macerated in our award winning gin and rounded out with sugar, creating a balanced and unique flavour. We like it straight up on the rocks. It works equally well in a lime sour, lime gimlet or a cucumber and basil smash. 

Lime gin liqueur  - 2nd release ( limited stock )
Lime gin liqueur - 2nd release ( limited stock ) Sale price$100.00 AUD